Introduction to Developing your Emergency Operation Plan

This will be a basic introduction for executives and administrators to begin the process of developing a consistent emergency operation plan for their respective district. This course will be based on the format and content of the Idaho State Department of Education emergency operation planning guide. This could be tailored for individual districts or made available in a multi-district format with small group breakout sessions to facilitate individual needs.

Implementation and execution of your Emergency Operation Plan

This offering would be the next progression from the development phase listed above. Topics discussed would include initiation of the emergency operation plan, appropriate response and assignment of responsibilities, initial command and control issues to include communications, transportation and other logistic concerns. The training would culminate in a table top exercise to put into use those skills learned.

School Safety & Hazards Assessment

This course will help teach school personnel to conduct their own assessments and evaluations of their facilities to identify potential hazards and security issues and address them appropriately.

Bomb Threat Response

This is a basic awareness level course that will help school administrators understand the dynamics, responsibilities and appropriate response to a school bomb threat. We will focus on selection and implementation of a bomb threat response team from within the school staff and appropriate implementation of the emergency operation plan. Topics included will be suspicious packages, vehicles and persons awareness and response.

Responding to Threats of Violence in Schools

This is a basic awareness course to help school executives and administrators develop and implement policies and procedures to address the ever-growing problem of threats of violence in schools. This course will focus on the selection, training and implementation of a threat response team to address and evaluate threats as they arise and respond in an appropriate manner that maximizes not only the safety of students, but allows for intervention and assistance for the student making the threat.

Responding to an Active Shooter

This course will specifically address the phenomenon of the school shooter. Topics discussed will include appropriate response to an active shooter from school personnel, lockdown procedures and police response. We will review prior school shootings and response. A practical demonstration of a police immediate action team response will also be included.

Hostage Situation Survival

Survivability of a hostage situation is greatly maximized when hostages have had some awareness training. This course will cover the dynamics of a hostage situation. We will identify types of hostage takers, types of hostage incidents and their appropriate response. The Stockholm syndrome, police response, negotiation and survival tactics will be covered. Prior mental preparation as well as the do’s and don’ts of being a hostage are also covered.

Dealing with Crisis and Critical Incident Aftermath (Crisis Intervention)

This course is designed to teach administrators and educators to work with groups of students to process the effects of a crisis or traumatic event. Our trainer is NOVA certified and FEMA certification is pending.

School Security

This training will cover selection and training of school security personnel. We will discuss certification programs, general duties and setting up job descriptions and daily duties.

Child Abuse Awareness and Response

This training will help school personnel indentify and report child abuse. This will give school officials practical tools to address this prevailing issue in schools. Legal issues and responsibilities will be discussed.


Gangs are now an ever growing problem in Idaho and it’s only expected to get worst. Rather than teach a “gang 101 courses,” we teach from the prevention perspective that focuses on the mainstream influence of gang culture on our children and how kids are are bombarded daily with gang images, music videos, movies, and other media. School policies to specifically address this problem will be discussed as well as early intervention and exit strategies with students.

Positive Presence for Educators

Positive presence is an offering designed to help boost confidence in educators and deal with negative contacts in a firm positive way. Positive presence is conveying to students, staff and parents that you are someone in authority and should be respected. Not by means of institutional authority but by individual authority. This conveyed by means of your look, how you act, how you speak and how you carry yourself. Positive presence is meant to prevent confrontations and violence before they start by means of awareness and mental preparation.

Teen Dating Violence

This course is designed to teach administrators and educators to recognize the signs of violence in teen relationships, recognize victims and offenders, prevention, education, and intervention techniques.