We are pleased to introduce our partners:




By applying our powerful simulation products and services, Avalias brings unmatched innovation, flexibility and customization to Enterprise preparedness solutions.


For anyone who has responded to the scene of a critical incident and experienced the ever changing dynamics of a command post will understand why there was a compelling need for a professional tool we have named the Command Board.

Edge Velocity develops innovative mobile IP wireless communication solutions that enable unprecedented delivery of high-bandwidth data and real-time converged services among stationary and moving users, and across challenging environments. Edge Velocity’s standards-based design allows common-off-the-shelf components, applications and handheld devices to perform at terrestrial and sub-terrestrial levels well beyond current industry norms and limits. Users are achieving new levels of broadband communications, extending and maximizing the value of their existing network infrastructures. Edge Velocity was formed in 2004 and officially incorporated in 2005 is headquartered in Peabody, Massachusetts.

We know that your success means our success. Together, in partnership, we can all prosper and thrive in a market exploding with opportunity. We welcome all business, no matter how small or large. Having been small once ourselves, we are eternally grateful to the vendors who treated us like a “large” customer both in service and pricing to help us prosper and grow into the wonderful company we have become.

Stiletto Agency is a marketing/pr agency that leverages 18 yrs of marketing and PR experience with companies like Sony. We are currently promoting the below documentary. The mission of Stiletto Agency is: “Bring together and collaborate all the individual efforts of the security awareness initiatives ultimately driving business and messages to the masses.” Initially my focus will be: PR- manage media interaction and proactively initiate positive press Website creation/enhancement and micro sites Conference production/participation.