Executive Team


Clarence is President of CS Consulting Corp and is responsible for providing security consultations, assessments, and implementation advice to customers. He has a proven record of customer trust and long-term relationships with local, regional, and fortune 500 companies. Clarence has over 18 years of experience working in the security industry. With a rich history of experience in security, Clarence specializes in customizing security systems based on your security needs.

Working with various state agencies and departments, Clarence has extensive experience in statewide planning and policy work in emergency management and security systems. Developing the State Continuity and Business Recovery Plan (Writer`s Guide) for the State of Idaho, Clarence worked with the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security, a military division operating under the Office of the Governor. He performed assessments for business risk and impact of potential emergencies and contributed to the development of statewide plans, policies, procedures and guidelines. He also collaborated with the Deputy Director to revise the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) manual for Idaho.

Complimentary to his background in security, Clarence has experience with IT companies that provide security and surveillance technologies to their customers. Clarence has provided security and surveillance systems, paging systems, panic buttons, tracking systems, and Executive Security Systems and surveillance cameras to various customers. He has also consulted with corporations on products, access control, CCTV, UPS, digital recording, GPS systems, personal protection and covert solutions.

Clarence is fully certified in the following: Emergency Programming, Emergency Planning, Principles of Emergency Management, Public Assistance Operations, Community Disaster Exercises, EOC Management and Operations, ICS 100, and Exercise Design.


Rob is the Training Director for CS Consulting Corp and  has instructed and presented in several western states to law enforcement, educators and the general public in several areas including Internet Safety, Cyber bullying, bullying, Social Networking Sites, Youth Violence, Underage Substance Abuse and Gangs. Rob is a deputy with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office and is currently assigned as Enforcement and Compliance Deputy with the Pretrial and Probation Units. Rob has over 25 years’ law enforcement experience having worked in both California and Idaho. He has been employed with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office since 2001.  Rob’s assignments have included Special Operation Team Leader, Custody Operations, Patrol, Detective, School Resource Officer, Gang Specialist, Marine Patrol & Rescue, Trainer and Hostage / Crisis Negotiator. Rob’s passion lies in educating school personnel in the area of emergency planning and response to critical incidents on campus.  “When seconds count to save lives, help is minutes away”.  “School personnel have to be trained to make the difference during those “seconds that count”.


Rian is the Chief Technology Officer at CS Consulting and the primary programmer of ICCACCESS.com. Rian has worked on emergency alert and telephone alerting systems for over 10 years and has done contract work for several government agencies including FEMA and the Army.

Rian helped architect a Homeland Security alerting system called IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert & Warning System) in 2006-2007  under a government contract with Sandia National Labs. Rian  has participated in numerous events and exercises, such as the 2011 NIEM Interoperability demonstration with OASIS and FEMA and the TCIP Exercise in Chicago and Department of Defense Coalition Warrior Demonstration held at Dahlgren, Virginia.

• Homeland Security
• Information Sharing and Document Management\
• Crisis & Emergency Management
• XML Web-Services and Interopability
• Software Engineering (Microsoft .NET and C#)


Gary is a former Division Commander, Utah County Sheriff’s Office (Utah), where he commanded all divisions in the department (Patrol, Investigations, Jail, and Emergency Services). Gary functioned as the Utah County Emergency Management Coordinator (Sheriff’s Office) for ten years. During this time, a comprehensive communication system was initiated with heavy utilization of volunteers and community involvement. Coordination and sharing of resources were established linking State, Federal, and local governments. Many community training programs became useful when extreme weather events occurred. The State of Utah was declared a Federal disaster area but, Utah County was able to cope largely due to the preparations and training. Gary was presented several Local, State, and Federal awards recognizing his administrative and leadership skills. Under his Emergency Management leadership, Utah County was looked upon as a model for planning and preparation. He has extensive law enforcement, crisis management, and field leadership experience. During the years with Utah County, Gary prepared, presented, and administered several multi-million dollar budgets for the Divisions he commanded. Gary served six years with the California Highway Patrol (motor officer) prior to his Utah career for a total of twenty-four years of service in law enforcement and security operations.

Gary obtained a bachelors degree in criminal Justice from Weber State College in Ogden Utah. He is a graduate of both the California Highway Patrol Academy, the Utah State Peace Officers Training Academy (where he served as a visiting instructor) and numerous military training schools and courses including Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) certification. He was certified in many Civil Defense programs including Mass Casualty and Shelter Management. He was, for many years, a Utah State certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Gary retired as a U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Master Sergeant with twenty-four years active and National Guard service. He functioned as an “A“ Team member for over twelve years with a focus on unconventional, guerilla and counter-guerilla operations and attended numerous Army and Air Force schools. Gary served in Utah National Guard, 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne), as the Plans and Operations Non-Commissioned Officer (S3 NCO) for several years adding extensive operational leadership and administrative experience in the Pacific and South East Asia areas. This administrative experience of directing multiple major operations simultaneously within several countries provided invaluable leadership experience. It also provided him the ability to work with and admire people from several developing nations. Understanding the day to day needs and problems of people in different cultures was critical to the success of the mission but more importantly, built a character and perspective not normally experienced by an American.


Jim is a graduate of the U.S. Navy’s Officers Candidate Program, the U.S. Navy’s Basic Underwater Demolitions, SEAL (BUDS) training course, and the Army’s Officer Advanced course and has bachelor’s degrees in Education and radiography. Jim has held command level positions with Navy’s SEAL Team and the Army’s 19th Special Forces Group Airborne, during a cumulative military service of 22 years. He has received Navy and Army Commendations, Citations and Letters of Appreciation for his leadership ability.

These elite military units receive extensive special operations, counter-terrorism, and intelligence training reflecting volumes in his understanding of how to facilitate security applications, as they relate to our country’s threat situation. This is further demonstrated by his maritime certification; recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard and MARAD as a Facility, Company, and Vessel Security Officer. His 6000 hours of dive time inspecting ships and piers and conducting underwater explosives operations; coupled with insertion methodologies practiced for military training and real operational considerations, provides Jim with a unique understanding of maritime threat applications.

In the private sector, Jim lived and worked in Iraq’s Red Zones (1yr) and Algeria (3yrs) as a project manager/security consultant for the Department of Defense and formally known Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), providing high level protection for military and government personnel, and oil facilities.

During the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics had responsibilities of executive protection of AT&T, Lucent and Qwest executives, staff, technicians, Olympic Athletes, and their families. Jim has taught terrorist awareness programs at the college level, law enforcement agencies, and neighborhood watch groups.

As a senior member of Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, he is an Emergency Services Officer, responsible for a working knowledge of disaster relief, search and rescue, general aviation, and security operations. He coordinates and works with federal, state, and local authorities in these combined relief efforts. Jim has a personal focus on protection of our country’s remote infrastructure. As this Bio indicates his experience is derived from real world application of his training and understanding the important role of prevention as a necessity in our country’s security posture. Jim is a 100% problem/solution oriented planner and a progressive strategist. Jim’s experience encompasses a working mindset of how an educated security team(s) utilize vulnerability assessments, a prioritized layer of defense applications, with combined levels of technology, and effective communications constitute an effective security program mitigating security risks. Jim is also an airplane and helicopter private pilot.